Neville Johnson is a founding partner of the law office Johnson & Johnson, LLP, who are located in Beverly Hills. One of the most feared litigators in Hollywood, Mr Johnson has wrangled more than $350 million for actors, writers and other clients he contends were shortchanged their fair share of royalties and profits.

He is also a prolific author and musician/songwriter who performs and records under the pen name Trevor McShane.

This is Neville’s personal website, all opinions are his own. For his legal website please click here.

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So many, too many So many gone Men who fought for victory But they lost Their lives Their loved ones There’s nothing good about war We, the people of the world, Kill each other Repeatedly, regularly It’s always going on somewhere Since the beginning of time Why can’t we all just get along? I’m afraid …

Ups and Downs of Rodeo

It’s an eight second partnership The bronc, an angry participant And me, I’m just trying to keep my legs in the stirrups My hands on the reins My wits about me In one piece Welcome to my world It’s a family affair Me and my sons, Troy and Dusty Traveling day and night just to …

This Underdog

He went into life an underdog Orphaned at age 3 From one foster home to another he was shunted What would he be? He just wanted to be wanted The basic need Nowhere to go, he joined the Navy There he got structure Guidance he could trust An education, even more He grew up to …