Neville Johnson is a founding partner of the law office Johnson & Johnson, LLP, who are located in Beverly Hills. One of the most feared litigators in Hollywood, Mr Johnson has wrangled more than $350 million for actors, writers and other clients he contends were shortchanged their fair share of royalties and profits.

He is also a prolific author and musician/songwriter who performs and records under the pen name Trevor McShane.

This is Neville’s personal website, all opinions are his own. For his legal website please click here.

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The Nobody’s Guide to Life Interview – coming soon

Today I got to relax a little and take part in an interview with The Nobody’s Guide to Life and discuss a mentor, Coach John Wooden and my two books I’ve written about him.   It was a great time and I’ll post the link when it is posted!   #interview #JohnWooden #TheNobodyGuidetoLife #mentor #book …

I was quoted in LA Times Story November 2018

I was quoted in the LA Times on this crazy story, which has now settled, but you can see the story here: Satanic Temple sues over goat-headed deity’s portrayal in Netflix’s ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ Photo: Tati Gabrielle in a scene from the Netflix show “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.” (Diyah Pera / Netflix)

Everyone Is So Nice – Happy Thanksgiving

Everyone is so nice Everywhere So you wonder why there is strife It’s not fair We the people don’t want it Anymore Anywhere Peace We want peace From now on Each of us All of us Everyone We want just to live Enjoy the air we breathe It’s the same old sun for all of …