Wooden’s Wife

As many of you know, I wrote the authorized biography of legendary UCLA basketball coach, John Wooden. He once said this; now he is gone. This is an homage to him and his wife, Nell, in verse.


It’s my only chance to see her 
I’m not afraid to die, then go to heaven
I was with her for 56 years
She’s been gone a dozen years
I miss my wife, dear Nell

She was my best friend
She still is, I know she
Watches over me, understand
We had a bond so strong
We didn’t need to talk
We sure got along

If only she hadn’t smoked
We both lost to that
If only, it left me lonely
We had such a blast
Just living day to day
One fun family
Me and her, just me and her
That’s all we did need

So, no, I’m not afraid to die
For when that someday comes
I’ll rejoin her in a peaceful place
And be with my darling one

Feathers in a Breeze

Tender, oh so tender
How you are to me
Tender, so tender
So good, so dear, so sweet

Happy we go lucky
Solid, how we stay
Together and forever
Through dark and sunny days

These are times of peace and glory
Thankfulness and praise
Of understanding
Forgiveness and grace
And through it all are you and me
Two for the road of life
Feathers in a breeze