We’ll be all right

We’ll be all right
So I say
We better be all right
Or I have failed
So hope is what I have
Hope is what we need
Hope, precious hope
In hope I believe

We been together for so many years
That’s an indication
We need never fear
For we carry with us
An enduring, endearing spirit
That fuels our every day
We gone so far already
We’ll go all the way

May yours be the last face I see

May yours be the last face I see
And the first one every day
For you’re my rock, my dream who
Makes sure everything’s better than OK

It’s my meditation, my mantra, my wish
For my star, my everything and so much more than that
You’re the best, you know the rest
It’s all that you are

That look that shook me to my core
Such taste and style
The genuine kindness that you show to all
And while I’m explaining just how great you are
Let me conclude by saying you
Are loved here and afar

We Sure Had Some Fun

We sure had some fun the past few days
Fun with each other, keeping apace
With the setting, warm sunny rays
Arms wrapped around each other
Dazed at the wonder, the beauty,
The mystery of love
Amazed that our romance is still going strong

We’re happy being happy,
That’s what life’s about
Happy just being about
Taking it in, giving it back
In it to win it
No way to slack
Just a good time
Just kicking back

It only gets better
Like a good old song
The verse gets you going
Then comes a chorus so strong
You can’t help yourself
You must sing along

From a bachelor in paradise
Once so lonely inside
I’ve graduated to
A life with pure love
One I can’t hide
Daily renewed
That’s why I smile
Here’s to my lady
Who makes it all worthwhile