Time Won’t Catch Me

Time it won’t catch up with me
I’ll just walk a little faster
It’s for me to accept
Time doesn’t stop
Certainly not for me
Yes, there’s inevitably
But I’m not looking back
Not trying to be
Anything more
Than a real man
Seeking the real me

The sober truth
Is that we’re gonna leave
But until then
Time won’t catch me

What Is Life

What is life
If not lived for love?
To be kind, the ideal
To have won and lost
True romance has a cost
A life is moments
Of joy and pain
Of remorse and longing
And the stain of love gone wrong
But there is always hope
Always a new dawn
I’m a mixture of dreams I still have
And those gone wrong
Of the love that I have shared
Forever to go on.

What a Lot He Got

So beautiful in her sundress and hat
He didn’t look so bad himself wearing that cravat
There glowing, really showing feline grace
He succumbed as as any man would
What a pretty face

Cannes is for everyone
One relaxes at an enjoyable pace
Uncanny what can happen there
Into life you’ll race
As he once did, he’ll always love that place

That night is still alive
For he met his love
One that does now surely thrive
Destiny met happenstance
They fit hand in glove

It’s repartee he wanted
Repartee he got
Plus a beauty who so smoothly sent her heart
Romance that shall last forever
Exactly what he sought
What a lot he got

Locked Forever

It was a moment that led into an hour
Then a day, then a month, then years,
Then a life
A life of love
From an instant to a minute
And then on
To an endless supply of mirth and merriment
And just plain contentment
As we ambled down the road
Together, together
Ever, ever
Never to sever
Locked forever
However we go
Wherever for we know
We’re not going anywhere without the other