Everyone Is So Nice – Happy Thanksgiving

If you want to find happiness find gratitude

Everyone is so nice
So you wonder why there is strife
It’s not fair
We the people don’t want it

We want peace
From now on
Each of us
All of us
We want just to live
Enjoy the air we breathe
It’s the same old sun for all of us
In love we believe

So everybody
Time for us to truly share

Happy Thanksgiving!

A New Secret Agent Poem

They’re recruiting me
And the CIA
Land sakes alive
Dual citizenship
No hindrance to me
Helps to have a major in Slavic languages
And an Oxford degree
How they latched on to me
I don’t really know
That Dad worked at
Arlington might have put them in the know
Interesting life choices being offered
I don’t know
Investment banking has its rewards
That’s on the table
I’m inclined to VC
I could have a capital time
Avoid DC and endless bureaucracy
See the world
It’s nice to be wanted
I feel like the girl everyone wants to dance with
I’m still at the prom
I’ll ask my parents
I know they’ll have thoughts

What You Do For Me

I’m consistently overwhelmed by your generosity
Your constant kindness
What you do for me
How you deliver
It’s the big and little things
I’m in deep
In love
You’re so good to me
So lover, let me thank you
I’ll do the best I can
To make you happy
To be your loving man
You’re the best
You really are
I’m awed
I’m overwhelmed
At who you are