Ups and Downs of Rodeo

It’s an eight second partnership
The bronc, an angry participant
And me, I’m just trying to keep my legs in the stirrups
My hands on the reins
My wits about me
In one piece
Welcome to my world
It’s a family affair
Me and my sons, Troy and Dusty
Traveling day and night just to fight
For a living, one unforgiving
But exciting as the day is long
And to keep that ranch in Utah going
200 head of cattle and worries about enough rain
Are in our thoughts as we live the literal ups and downs of rodeo
We’re in the saddle for good
For life
Living our destiny
As we should
As we want to
As we have

This Underdog

He went into life an underdog
Orphaned at age 3
From one foster home to another he was shunted
What would he be?
He just wanted to be wanted
The basic need
Nowhere to go, he joined the Navy
There he got structure
Guidance he could trust
An education, even more
He grew up to be person
With a heart made of gold
He went on in life even-keeled
More than that, he found his soul

You see, there’s more to this story
What he achieved after that
Now adopting a swath of foster kids
Giving backpacks to foster kids
No more plastic sacks
He’s going to heaven for sure

So honor him and thank him for his service to life
Maybe take his lesson, it’s kindness, be nice
Be thankful for what you have
Give back to society
And how about this underdog
And his humanity!

This is a true story…..

The Loneliness Minister

I’m the loneliness minister
What a job
Trying to bring joy
Where it has dissolved
It’s a real endeavor
Of which many do make fun
But it’s serious my mission
To help the lonely one
For there are so many
Shut off by themselves
I must make them smile
Into their misery I delve
From creating socials
Where the lonely can meet
To educational suggestions
Of how to beat
The vicissitudes of being down
Of not giving up
As the czar of anti-all-alone
I shall be on top of the populace
While trying not to complain
That my position is nearly impossible
It’s a long, long train


I’d like to have a talk with Time
Tell me its story
Why does it exist?
What’s in it for me?
Does it understand its power?
Does it even care?
Why is it so mysterious?
Why does it not share
What is coming tomorrow
And after that?
Who does it answer to?
Is God concerned that
Too many waste the time they have?
(I can sure relate)
Who uses time the best?
Who does it appreciate?

I wouldn’t waste the time of Time
Nor run out its clock
I’ve got so many things to do
But we should stop and have a chat
We would not just be passing time
It would be more than that
We could unburden ourselves
Take stock of where we’re at
Have a story for all time
About when together we sat

Thank the Universe

I’d like to thank the universe for bringing her to me
There’s no explanation why I should be so lucky
I’m flabbergasted, delighted, at what turned out to be
So thank you, thank you, thank you serendipity

In her blue bandana she dances in the sun
Points to a rainbow, says to “Come and join the day,”
Then she kisses me, while I just sigh at love’s mystery
This is typical of how we play

On her hand she wears a ring given to her by me
It was meant to cement our love
Never shall it leave
Two hearts entwined we are
From morning coffee ‘til we lay in bed before sleep
Recounting the day

It’s not always perfect
But very nearly so
I get such a big kick out of her
Always have, always will
She’s pretty as a daisy
Daily, a thrill

Making a Play

Such a hot number the CPA thought
It added up in his head
June had a lot of what he needed
So he bought her a drink and gave it a shot

Betty looked criminally good the DA mused
With that demeaner any man would
Do what he could to convince her to go on a date
She was the judge to decide his fate

Dave is the MD from an Ivy League school
Mary is the nurse over whom the residents drool
Watch him spend more time than he usually does
Talking with her just because he’s taking her temperature
He says it’s for a just cause

They are so professional, these men seeking love
They get only such much from the self-esteem that comes
From having a job; they need someone to share all they do
Solitaire is a losing game; it’s like wearing one shoe

This is the give and take of each day
From here to everywhere, for eternity
Men seeking women; making a play
Hoping for romance to come their way

Starring You and Me

Fundamental, sentimental
That’s you and me
Falling in, being in love
Is the degree with which we’ve graduated
What we have and believe 
A unified spirit are we
A force of nature that breathes
With excitement and gratitude
A great story it is
Full of hope and dreams
A by-gosh and by-golly cornucopia
Of amazing memories and scenes
Like the time we kissed on a mountaintop
That week in Paris
Traipsing through Iceland
All starring you and me
We just keep going
Cannot get enough
So very tasty, delectable
Just constant good stuff
More, please

The Rascal

It was the rascal in him that
So enticed her
Sheila was a tease, almost unnerved
By this interloper who dropped into her life
A casual glance when she got her first look
Suffice it to say, that’s all it took
Oh, he’s a charmer with unruly hair
A taste for adventure
A houseboat he shares
Grows his own veggies
Rides a motorbike
Denies he lives a bohemian life

Sheila is stunning, leggy and lithe
Educated, perfect, so blithe
But unprepared for the pull that she fell
Coming from Tim
She wanted to know him, come high water or hell

Thus began the world’s longest date
Started at noon, then three whole days
During which there was kissing and more
A mutual attraction, a tie score

I can now report these two are ensconced
In an old Victorian some claim haunts young lovers
With a feeling they cannot escape
That when love arrives
You surrender to fate

Stormy Weather

Stormy weather
I’ll say
More like a complete downfall
With new facts raining down like hail
To the chief, who ignores the call
For explanation
With those all red
There each (mis)step along the way
All those pro bono lawyers
Seeking glory days
A fox-hunt it is with a very crafty fox
Into the woods we go
There is a clearing somewhere ahead

It’s Not Over

He chased her once
How he did
All around the world
He went for her, half mad
She would be his girl
But it didn’t turn out that way
He lost in the end
Someone else got her heart
He fell into a sadness
That feeling of dread
For she was gone
But he wanted her back
Was there a light ahead?

He spent a lifetime missing her
Decades, alone in his home
Filled with memories and her spirit
Poor guy, nothin’ goin’
Then one day she reappeared
That was that
Said she’d come to her senses
He was where it’s at

They now live together
His dream a reality
He’s a new man
They’re in love, you see

She’s back in his life
He in hers
Never give up is the lesson
Love always comes first

It wasn’t over
It still isn’t over