We Sure Had Some Fun

We sure had some fun the past few days
Fun with each other, keeping apace
With the setting, warm sunny rays
Arms wrapped around each other
Dazed at the wonder, the beauty,
The mystery of love
Amazed that our romance is still going strong

We’re happy being happy,
That’s what life’s about
Happy just being about
Taking it in, giving it back
In it to win it
No way to slack
Just a good time
Just kicking back

It only gets better
Like a good old song
The verse gets you going
Then comes a chorus so strong
You can’t help yourself
You must sing along

From a bachelor in paradise
Once so lonely inside
I’ve graduated to
A life with pure love
One I can’t hide
Daily renewed
That’s why I smile
Here’s to my lady
Who makes it all worthwhile

Wooden’s Wife

As many of you know, I wrote the authorized biography of legendary UCLA basketball coach, John Wooden. He once said this; now he is gone. This is an homage to him and his wife, Nell, in verse.


It’s my only chance to see her 
I’m not afraid to die, then go to heaven
I was with her for 56 years
She’s been gone a dozen years
I miss my wife, dear Nell

She was my best friend
She still is, I know she
Watches over me, understand
We had a bond so strong
We didn’t need to talk
We sure got along

If only she hadn’t smoked
We both lost to that
If only, it left me lonely
We had such a blast
Just living day to day
One fun family
Me and her, just me and her
That’s all we did need

So, no, I’m not afraid to die
For when that someday comes
I’ll rejoin her in a peaceful place
And be with my darling one

Feathers in a Breeze

Tender, oh so tender
How you are to me
Tender, so tender
So good, so dear, so sweet

Happy we go lucky
Solid, how we stay
Together and forever
Through dark and sunny days

These are times of peace and glory
Thankfulness and praise
Of understanding
Forgiveness and grace
And through it all are you and me
Two for the road of life
Feathers in a breeze

May the 4th Be With You

May the Fourth be with you
Time for our annual hooray
All you Yankee Doodle Dandies
It’s time for the parade down Main Street
In Everytown USA
It’s red, white and blue
Fireworks on high
Lord-a-mighty, here it comes
Another Fourth of July

If you like a marching band, today is your day
If you like your freedom to say what you want
Shout out a “Hey,” if that’s your opinion,
This country is plain great

And to those who protect and serve us
Who fight to keep us safe
Show them your admiration
Make a happy face

To my fellow citizens I send my very best
I’m about to hit the streets wearing my best USA vest


Here are the lyrics to a song on my soon to be released album, Kernersville. It was inspired by John Wooden, the legendary basketball coach from UCLA, whom I’ve written two books about, who was fond of saying “Make each day your masterpiece.”


Make the most of it
Each and every day
Try not to miss a thing
Don’t get in the way,
Of all there is to savor, of
All there is to learn
Make the most of life
There’s no time to burn

This is it, time is short
Life is good, it is an art
It can be tough, but then – so what
Make the best of that you got

Take a look at yourself
Here you are today
Life might pass you by
But only if you stay
Too long inside
Please come out and play
Make the most of all there is
Make a masterpiece everyday

This is it, time is short
Life is good, it is an art
It can be tough, but then – so what
Make the best of that you got

I have a friend who passed away
Just happened yesterday
For all those gone there’s no tomorrow
For all of us there’s only sorrow
Which is why we have got to say
Make the most of every day
Make a masterpiece every day
Make a masterpiece

Whats Come Over Me

I know what’s come over me
Yes, I know it’s true
I know what’s come over me
Yes, it is you
You, who changed my life
You, my living dream
You’re really the bomb
You always make the scene
I could go on and on

Life is very simple when sliced to the core
We all just need a love
That is how success you score
There’s really nothing more
It’s love and kindness
That’s what we have
What living is for

So, dear one, we shall carry on
Dance our days away
Entwined in each other’s arms
Always shall we say
How happy we are
How lucky every day
For that is what has come over me
Ever since you came my way

Father’s Day Tribute

Filled with love and joy
I rejoice in his memory
Such an honor to be his son
He taught us to be kind
Open to everyone
There wasn’t a waiter he didn’t chat up
“Tell me about your town,” he’d query
He encouraged me to dance with all the girls at the high school mixers
To make everyone feel good
To give everyone a chance
So witty, so learned (he went to Yale!)
Charm personified
On the scale of 1 to 10, he’s off the chart
I really scored with him
My Dad and his big heart

It All Came Together When We Got Together

It all came together when we got together
You are my morning sun
A breath of fresh air
That gets me prepared
To face each newborn day 
Such a smoothie you are
Such a pretty face
Oh, the bonhomie
As we rise with delight
It will all be all right
As it already has and forever will be

Beyond the heart and into the soul
You run with me
Are we in love?
Yes, it’s out of control
Pleasing as can be
I’ve fully accepted
That you intercepted
Me from falling apart
From your tasty treats
To everything in between
You make me complete
And that’s just the start

So, in conclusion
Thanks for the fusion
We go on with such energy
For it all came together when we got together
As everyone can see