It’s Not Over

He chased her once
How he did
All around the world
He went for her, half mad
She would be his girl
But it didn’t turn out that way
He lost in the end
Someone else got her heart
He fell into a sadness
That feeling of dread
For she was gone
But he wanted her back
Was there a light ahead?

He spent a lifetime missing her
Decades, alone in his home
Filled with memories and her spirit
Poor guy, nothin’ goin’
Then one day she reappeared
That was that
Said she’d come to her senses
He was where it’s at

They now live together
His dream a reality
He’s a new man
They’re in love, you see

She’s back in his life
He in hers
Never give up is the lesson
Love always comes first

It wasn’t over
It still isn’t over

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