Making a Play

Such a hot number the CPA thought
It added up in his head
June had a lot of what he needed
So he bought her a drink and gave it a shot

Betty looked criminally good the DA mused
With that demeaner any man would
Do what he could to convince her to go on a date
She was the judge to decide his fate

Dave is the MD from an Ivy League school
Mary is the nurse over whom the residents drool
Watch him spend more time than he usually does
Talking with her just because he’s taking her temperature
He says it’s for a just cause

They are so professional, these men seeking love
They get only such much from the self-esteem that comes
From having a job; they need someone to share all they do
Solitaire is a losing game; it’s like wearing one shoe

This is the give and take of each day
From here to everywhere, for eternity
Men seeking women; making a play
Hoping for romance to come their way

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