Thank the Universe

I’d like to thank the universe for bringing her to me
There’s no explanation why I should be so lucky
I’m flabbergasted, delighted, at what turned out to be
So thank you, thank you, thank you serendipity

In her blue bandana she dances in the sun
Points to a rainbow, says to “Come and join the day,”
Then she kisses me, while I just sigh at love’s mystery
This is typical of how we play

On her hand she wears a ring given to her by me
It was meant to cement our love
Never shall it leave
Two hearts entwined we are
From morning coffee ‘til we lay in bed before sleep
Recounting the day

It’s not always perfect
But very nearly so
I get such a big kick out of her
Always have, always will
She’s pretty as a daisy
Daily, a thrill

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