This Underdog

He went into life an underdog
Orphaned at age 3
From one foster home to another he was shunted
What would he be?
He just wanted to be wanted
The basic need
Nowhere to go, he joined the Navy
There he got structure
Guidance he could trust
An education, even more
He grew up to be person
With a heart made of gold
He went on in life even-keeled
More than that, he found his soul

You see, there’s more to this story
What he achieved after that
Now adopting a swath of foster kids
Giving backpacks to foster kids
No more plastic sacks
He’s going to heaven for sure

So honor him and thank him for his service to life
Maybe take his lesson, it’s kindness, be nice
Be thankful for what you have
Give back to society
And how about this underdog
And his humanity!

This is a true story…..

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